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In Dubai, CIBS Media offers incredible open doors for advertising, marketing and promoting your company with a significantly more adaptable and customized approach in digital designing and printing and it need not cost you the earth! Digital  printing permits the occasion to print a lot more modest volume (as not many as one) yet still keep up a top notch finish. CIBS Media is at the bleeding edge of digital print technology in Dubai.

In the present quick moving world advanced printing has become a fundamental fixing in any printer's workflow. At CIBS Media, we understand this and the requirement for high quality, fast turnaround print that advanced empowers and that is the reason we are being the best digital printing press in Dubai regarding the most noteworthy measure of value at the least measure of cost and at the most reduced conceivable measure of time. 

Having the most modern printing equipments, we can offer our clients a top quality digital print administration, with the most recent highlights, for example, longer sheet size printing, clear shine and white toner printing. With the most extensive assortment of stocks and thicknesses, that guarantees your next computerized print undertaking will have the wow factor and make a statement about your business or association. 


Most recent Digital printing technologies permit us to be undeniably more receptive to customers’ need and deadlines. Delivery can even be the very same day! Quicker response time because of negligible press arrangement and rearranged measure – no plates or film, no enlistment changes and no ink keys. Less steps  implies quicker print! 


Print the quantity you need when you need it. No waste no strain. Likewise discover new cost sparing formats new to digital via CIBS Media. 

Short run and multiple versions 

Print short to medium runs more successfully than our lithographic print. You can oversee print and budgets by imprinting on request – There is no compelling reason to arrange in mass, which implies no obsolete stock. You can undoubtedly create different adaptations by simple digital data management. 

Customize your print 

Personalization or focused on messages can be an amazing marketing tool. Digital  printing permits us to customize each printed things. This could be customized names, addresses, advertising message or pertinent data – all simultaneously. 

It’s versatile – Some products that you may not have considered printing digitally

With digital printing the applications are unending and we are planning and making quality. . 

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